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Welcome to the Free Software for Students Disc Page


Use this page to download a disc full of excellent Free Open-source Software.

This is ideal for Schools, Colleges, Libraries and Universities looking for ways to equip their students.


Most of the Software on the disc can be found on this site, so if you just want a particular application, click on the links below to download the resource that you need




Click on the disc to download the .iso image of the disc and burn it onto a DVDr with InfraRecorder (or whatever else you want to use) and give it away to whoever needs it.


Out now! the latest freesoftwareforstudents disc!

Latest versions of all software and now including the fantastic Lightworks Beta, as used by Oscar, BAFTA nominees!

The disc has helped thousands of people worldwide.  School Students, University Students, Parents, Teachers, Youth Leaders, Council Officers and MP’s.


Problems with the disc image?  Contact us at

Note  The May 2009 CD can still be downloaded from


Click here!